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Friday, August 16, 2013

The five Worthy Objectives of a Work of Fine Art

After almost 60 years of creating Paintings, drawings and sculpture, during which I have completed to date 435 works, but especially after five years creating an opus book on art, "Completing Modern Art", I have discovered a foundation for my work that was at least somewhat chaotic and incomplete until now.  These worthy objectives give me goals to aspire to and that challenge me to do the absolute best work that I am able to do despite any personal shortcomings.
When I first began to operate in the late 1950's as a professional the foundation I worked with was fluid, influenced by the haphazard winds of the times and of  the ongoing developments of  modern art theories and styles.
A valuable clarification of purpose now underlies my work.

The Five Worthy Objectives for a Work of Fine Art

1. A powerfully structured Design.
    So very important because art without structure flounders       and gives no peace to the perceivor. 
2. A high level of Quality workmanship.
    To do it as well as we can is really our job.
3. An essence of Truth.
    Neither a slave to accuracy nor a lazy scribbler.
4. A dedication to Beauty.
    It's not subjective, it's universal and required by our heart,       mind, and soul.
5. A meaningful Contribution.
    To have it speak powerfully to generations yet to come;           transcending time, fashion, history, and popularity.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I hope readers can bear with me.  I am as an infant in how to navigate through this new internet communication process.  I"m learning through trials, mistakes, and advice how to eventually do the blog well.

I look at this somewhat egoistic enterprise as a possible contribution to not only living members of my family, friends, and colleagues, but beyond them I write this to tell family-to-come 'who is this guy, really' that they will think of as grandfather, great grandfather, etc. etc.  I am giving them what was never available to me except in shared stories in my family's past.  The originality of those stories was often lost in the passing down of it orally.
Hopefully the writings that I include about art will be a contribution to those interested in the value of art and in my sharing of the processes I go through in creating.

I find that I have much to say, and talk out loud with myself in the shower each morning using the Lincoln-esque method of listening to what I say out loud, responding to that echo, and learning how to learn from myself. When I express an opinion this way, in the listening I actually judge and evaluate the rationality of the 'speaker', and get clearer on whatever topic I'm addressing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is my beginning, introductory post.  
I will be including Art and Thought postings from an artist who has been a professional for over 50 of his 81 years.

  • About art including excerpts from my yet to be published book on 'completing' the 170 year old Modern Art movement. 
  • About the five necessary goals to attempt to attain in order for a work to be considered Fine Art. 
  • The internal, unspoken thoughts that occur during my process of creating paintings and drawings.
  • My personal life experiences that have led to discoveries, and ideas, stories, and opinions as they arise.
I understand that they are my opinions, not some absolute truth.     However every valuable (and valueless) movement begins with a personal opinion.  I suggest that it is opinions that work for usable good that become accepted as true.  I welcome thoughtful disagreement and discussion.  It is valuable to me as Life and Art are learning experiences for me.