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Friday, August 16, 2013

The five Worthy Objectives of a Work of Fine Art

After almost 60 years of creating Paintings, drawings and sculpture, during which I have completed to date 435 works, but especially after five years creating an opus book on art, "Completing Modern Art", I have discovered a foundation for my work that was at least somewhat chaotic and incomplete until now.  These worthy objectives give me goals to aspire to and that challenge me to do the absolute best work that I am able to do despite any personal shortcomings.
When I first began to operate in the late 1950's as a professional the foundation I worked with was fluid, influenced by the haphazard winds of the times and of  the ongoing developments of  modern art theories and styles.
A valuable clarification of purpose now underlies my work.

The Five Worthy Objectives for a Work of Fine Art

1. A powerfully structured Design.
    So very important because art without structure flounders       and gives no peace to the perceivor. 
2. A high level of Quality workmanship.
    To do it as well as we can is really our job.
3. An essence of Truth.
    Neither a slave to accuracy nor a lazy scribbler.
4. A dedication to Beauty.
    It's not subjective, it's universal and required by our heart,       mind, and soul.
5. A meaningful Contribution.
    To have it speak powerfully to generations yet to come;           transcending time, fashion, history, and popularity.

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